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  1. Can I bath with the elephants

    We do not permit visitors to bath with elephants. You can read more here...
  2. Can you pick me up at the airport, bus or train station for my trip?

    We recommend staying in Chiang Mai city the night prior to your visit to the park. Flights and trains are often late and we cannot wait at stations or airports. If you wish to go straight to the park and have us wait for you then we can arrange a private vehicle for you. The cost per vehicle will be advised when you give us details of your requirements.
  3. What is the cancellation policy?

    Please see our terms and conditions. This is covered in the Cancellation and No-Show Fees section
  4. Is it possible to change the dates of my visit?

    Yes, provided there is availability. There is a 980 Baht per booking changing fee,
  5. Is it possible to change which project I want to volunteer at?

    No, you need to cancel your existing booking with us and make a new reservation
  6. Can I pay my remaining balance online?

    No - If paying your balance for Thailand based projects, please pay the balance in Thai Baht. If paying your balance for Cambodia based projects, please pay in USD.
  7. What happens if I have to leave my volunteer week early?

    If you must leave a project early please note that you are not entitled to a partial refund for unused time.
  8. How can I pay for my booking if I do not have a PayPal Account?

    Making a booking to visit to Elephant Nature Park or any of the many associated projects is very simple. Our booking website allows PayPal Account Holders to make bookings providing a deposit via their PayPal Account. But if you do not have a PayPal Account,we can arrange to make the booking for you here.
  9. Do I need travel insurance?

    All visitors and volunteers are covered by our accident insurance up to 200,000 THB. We recommend that you carry individual emergency medical and travel insurance.
  10. What vaccinations do I need?

    The following website has information on health: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/thailand However, you need to consult your local or a specialist doctor for up to date advice.
  11. What is your Privacy Policy?

    The use of any details you provide us are for contact or booking purposes only. We will never sell, rent or share your personal information with a 3rd party, especially your email addresses and phone numbers, without your express permission, unless required by law. Never ever.
  12. What are the rates for adults, children and infants?

    Please see our Terms and Conditions page, section heading: Pricing; adults, children and infants
  13. What bags/luggage can I take with me?

    Please see each individual trip information sheet. Generally singe day trips permit a day pack, overnights a day pack + carry on bag. Permitted luggage for Volunteers: One Standard Check-in Sized Rucksack/Suit Case/Bag AND one small day pack per person.
  14. Can I fly my drone to take video or photos?

    The use of Drones at our Park or Projects is strictly prohibited. If you require aerial footage of our park for media purposes, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ELEPHANT NATURE PARK (Volunteers, Overnight trips and other projects which include a visit to the park)

  1. What is the food like?

    All meals are vegetarian and are served buffet style offering a large variety of Thai and Western dishes. A selection of fresh salads, fruit and vegetables are also available. All dietary restrictions can be accommodated.
  2. What is the accommodations like?

    Overnight guests stay in a room with attached bathroom. Volunteers stay in shared rooms (2, 3 or 4 per room) with attached bathrooms. Air conditioning is not available. All rooms are fan cooled. All beds have mosquito netting.
  3. What is the transportation like to and from the project?

    Comfortable passenger vans take approximately 90 minutes to travel the 65 km from Chiang Mai city center. Along the way, you will watch a video about Elephant Nature Park.
  4. How do I pay my remaining balance?

    On the day of your visit, day and overnight guests will be taken directly to Elephant Nature Park and remaining balances can be paid at our Gift Shop. Volunteers will be brought to our main office to settle balances and complete additional paperwork.
  5. Can I book a half-day visit?

    Our day visits are for the full day (07:30 am – 5:30 pm or later). If your travel schedule will not allow for a full day at the park, you may wish to consider a private tour. Contact us for more details.
  6. What language do your guides speak?

    All of our guides are certified with Tourism Authority Thailand and speak fluent English and Thai.
  7. Should I bring sheets or sleeping bag and a towel?

    All bedding is supplied, but you are responsible for your towel and toiletries.
  8. How fit do I have to be?

    You will never be forced to do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. All fitness levels are welcomed.
  9. Is there free time? When? What is there to do during this time?

    Free time is provided before and after lunch and dinner. This personal time can be spent socializing, getting a Thai massage, walking dogs, etc. Or more simply, watching elephants wander freely on the property.
  10. Is there WIFI?

    Common areas on the platform are equipped with WIFI. However, the service can be intermittent and/or slow.
  11. What are the volunteer tasks?

    Daily tasks may include cleaning shelters, preparing elephant food, harvesting crops, planting trees, building fences, creating mud pits, visiting a local school, etc.
  12. What time do I have to wake up in the morning?

    Breakfast is served at 7:00am and the morning task begins at 8:00am.
  13. Can I volunteer starting on a day other than Monday?

    Our schedule has been created to welcome volunteers on Mondays with a traditional ceremony. Although we will work to accommodate your requests, shortened stays are not discounted.
  14. Is there cell phone service?

    It is limited and likely to change without notice.
  15. Is there laundry service?

    We offer laundry service for a small charge per kg, which includes wash and air dry.